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Having fun in Kyiv

While in Kyiv, most of the foreigners usually enjoy cheap and quality beer in the area of our central square. That's totally fine. However Kyiv has much more to offer. We wish to give you an option to explore the Ukraine's capital in more detail. We could see major sights from the waters of Dnipro river or  look at some abandoned XIX century buildings or even walk underground. Here our goal is to show another side of the city and provide you with some great memories.


Kyiv courtyard walks 

  Find yourself in the unknown corners of the city, away from the well-known routes where Kyiv's best atmosphere may be noticed. 


Sunset on the Dnipro river,
SUP boarding

 You are going to see a beautiful sunrise on the Dnipro river! We know some secret sandy beaches where you can enjoy swimming. Sometimes we even have some coffee right on the water.

 You will be able to see some hidden parts of Kyiv and nature. One or two drinks after the ride could be a good addition to the experience.

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