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Searching the traces of Jewish life in Podolia


 - vintage tram ride and city tour;

 - historic Jewish neihborhoods and shtetls;

 - SUP boarding on the Southern Bug river;

 - bicycle ride among nature;

 - holy hasidic places;

 - local wine tasting.


 1 Day. Exploring Vinnytsia - largest city of Podolia:

  - pick-up at the main train station in Kyiv;

  - train ride to Vinnytsia (approx 2 hours);

  - city tour on the vintage tram;

  - SUP boarding on the Southern Bug river (no expe-        rience needed);

  - jewish museum and antique cafe;

  - walking through historic Jewish neighborhood;

  - drive to Shargorod, former Jewish shtetl;

  - overnight: hotel on the location of the former sugar      factory.

 2 Day. Nature of Podolia and the architecture  of shtetl:

  - bicycle ride among nature of Podolia (25-30 km, little        experience needed);

  - exploring the best preserved Jewish shtetl in Ukraine        and one of the oldest synagogues in Europe;

  - overnight at the location of the former sugar factory.


 - 275 EUR/person (1-2 people);

 - 265 EUR/person (3-4 people);

 - 255 EUR/person (5-6 people).

Maximum group size of six people!

3 Day. The land of hasidic roots:

  - driving to Bratslav - one of the biggest centers of        Podolia once, where Nachman of Breslov, one of        the founders of hasidism spent 8 years of his life;

  - visiting an old Jewish cemetery and the  museum      of jewish household;

  - local wine tasting;

  - train ride to Kyiv.

   Included in the price:

    - train tickets Kyiv-Vinnytsia-Kyiv;

    - private minivan transfer along the                 route;

    - accommodation for 2 nights;

    - breakfast everyday;

    - entrance fees;

    - wine tasting;

    - sport activities;

    - english-speaking guide.

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