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Travel assistance

   As you may be aware, not many people in Ukraine speak English, even at the most basic level. I spent more than a year in the United States and, knowing my own country in and out, I believe I could be of great help translating for you during your visit to my beautiful country. Our goal, both mine and my company’s, is to make your journey here as pleasurable as possible and to remove barriers stopping you from communicating with the locals. You can count on our patience, professionalism and discretion in every situation you can imagine.


   Modern Ukraine is a safe country with friendly and open minded people. Why not gain a much deeper insight into life and attitudes here with the assistance of our guides? If you intend to journey outside the major cities especially, you’ll find the services of our guide/translators to be both essential and affordable.


   If you so wish, our guide is ready to accompany you anywhere open to tourists in Ukraine. Your guide can be your assistant, translator, archive researcher for genealogy tours and even assist with business transactions.


   Simply write to us, explaining your needs, how long you intend to stay here and if you won’t need our services for your entire visit, how long you think you’ll need us. Upon receiving your email, we will quickly reply with a suggested service itinerary and cost options based on your request. 


   Rest assured, you will not be subjected to a hard sale and we are more than prepared to work with you to put together a program which works for you. Whether you decide to use our service or not, we wish you only the most pleasant memories after you return home from your trip.

   Volodymyr Pecherskyi, founder of Byways&Pathways.

To make a booking contact us, by writing a WhatsApp message:

Or send an Email: 

or just call!

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