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Why travel with Byways&Pathways?

  The idea grew out of our own passion for traveling, history and outdoor activities.

  Currently, most parts of Ukraine remain undiscovered for both local and international audience. Our goals are helping people from all over the world to travel the unbeaten tracks of the globe and making a difference by drawing attention to the shabby condition of many historical masterpieces in the country.

  Along the way, we engage in various outdoor activities (SUP boarding, bicycling, kayaking, hiking etc.) to make our journeys memorable and joyous.

  We believe that the best way to travel is joining a very small group of like-minded individuals who share the same values. It's favourable for making friends and experiencing extra enjoyment in the adventure. That's why none of our trips exceed 5-6 people.

  We designed tours in a way that allows our guests to stay at authentic hotels or rural guesthouses. For example in Shargorod, former Jewish shtetl, we stay in a lovely hotel which used to be a home for sugar factory built in 1858 by Polish aristocrat.

We create our travel routes ourselves that is why you'll receive a tailor-made experience which you can get only with us. When we are not touring it's us researching the next local route for you!

Volodymyr Pecherskyi, founder of Byways&Pathways.

Andriy Borys, co-founder of Byways&Pathways.

If you feel that you are on the same page with us  and  ready to go, then just contact us by writing WhatsApp message to:


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