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Heritage Routes: Tours

Heritage routes

History of Ukraine has been made by various cultures which representatives lived here during certain times. Based  on the preserved material heritage we will tell you the history of these nations.


Searching the traces of Jewish life in Podolia


  - vintage tram ride and city tour;

  - historic Jewish neighbourhoods and                   shtetls;

  - SUP boarding on the Southern Bug river;

  - bicycle ride amidst the nature;

  - holy hasidic places;

  - local wine tasting.


Ukraine through the years

This tour is under construction.

In the footsteps of German colonists in Bessarabia
(Apr 25-27, 2022)


- museums of German colonists;
- local wine tasting;
- traditional Bessarabian food;
- villages of German settlers;
- original German buildings;
- tours led by local historians;
- accommodation on the site of the revived             ethnographic village;

- hiking and birdwatching by the Black Sea.

Together with Poland

Working on this tour now.

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